Any Motorsports Fans!


Yes sir, looks like all the small independents will be aquired one day or the other, unless some don t shutdown in some bad cases.


@altman I’m going to cook, here it’s already 13:30. I’m hungry. We keep seeing each other in the races!!


Better eat ! lol



A funny circuit!


lol, you bet.






Some WRC



A beautiful bike. I wouldn’t mind driving it :facepunch::fist::fist::checkered_flag:


lol, me neither !


They say motocross s easy, some might have never riden in their life to say so:

This is enduro but still


@altman They try to climb walls! I tried it with my 50cc Gilera. I was 15 years old, too many times to the hospital :face_with_head_bandage::face_with_thermometer:


lol, a chance I never saw enduro videos when I was younger,( no internet then but motocross racings ) bet that I would ve ended up in the hospital somehow at one time ! lol


My grandfather took off my motorcycle telling me: “You’re going to kill yourself, asshole, I’ll sell it this afternoon”


lol, bet that he might ve been right !


He had this, it was not a very powerful motorcycle, but I loved it:

49cc, 3 gears and It was expelling an impressive smoke