Any Motorsports Fans!




Gotta put Kenny B in here…

Listening to some Turnstile along with this video, highly reccomend it :wink:


lol, Ken Block s pretty crazy right !


He finished 3rd in The Tough One Enduro race in the UK;


Looks like a really nice place :


One of my fav Trial s ryder;


Yes, he is a very good ryder.

On the other hand I love the engines of this type of bikes


Yep , it s a little bit old , now he s with another maker now.


I think that he is with TSR maker


Yep ;


Ok, it’s TRS


Yes sir, love that maker, a small one, so they have to fight hard against the big makers.


Like Honda, which is everywhere with a lot of money.


You bet !


@altman I still see these bikes here in spain


Remember Bultaco when I was a young kid ! Good call. But mostly for motocross

Edit: Just learned from your link that Sherco has purchased Bultaco, We learn everyday right !


They have a peculiar sound, I like it. Surely the weight is double a current trial bike


lol, yep !


Here was also Montesa, but it was acquired by Honda