Any Motorsports Fans!




Wow, some action in there @Negata


In the second video a lot of black smoke, but a great competition


wow, you bet, the pump s wide opened & modded.



I love the white mustang with blue stripes


lol, the joys of enduro moto;


I know, they are not very practical cars, but look at the engines


lol yep, love these little engines !

Edit: Horsepower races are not from yesterday right !


Small Aircraft Engines :sunglasses:


Since I was little I liked the mechanical aspect of cars. These engines in a car … my head explodes


lol, imagine the newer GE aircraft engines in cars, as big as they are, might be used on big trucks !


Helicopter engines are good too :grin:


lol, gee they don t stop at anything right !


How it sounds!!


Yep , imagine that you pass a cop & he doesn t see you much, @ high speeds, he would wonder what the hell happened in there !


Thinking of it, is that your bike for deliveries @Head_on_a_Stick ! lol




Oh , that s a nice & fast ride in there @s7l right !