Any Motorsports Fans!



Will look forward to that race.


Me too! The new GT is absolutely gorgeous and these two cars are historic in their colors.



Summarizing, what happened with Robby Gordon today? Know it didn’t look good.


It s weird seing R Gordon on the Dakar compared to Nascar to me.


He’s got actually more experience off road than in open wheel or nascar. He choose to drive in that ‘side by side’ class, can’t remember what they call it and wasn’t doing too well, last I checked.


Yep , saw him 1st on openwheel, last one I could see of him was from stage 3 & they blowed the differential if I could understand well,


Those dunes were relentless, saw that too during the very limited coverage we get here. Those side-by-sides are limited to speed unfairly, I think.

Yes, he’s one of the best drivers of all time… imo. Got to meet him once, along with Rusty Wallace in St. Louis :slight_smile:


Yep , Dakar s always a challenge .



@altman This Golf scares me


lol, too bad it has no traction, I would imagine it would be killer for the other ones !


It seems that he drives on ice. It’s crazy


Lol, you bet, he s pretty good not loosing it.




Hey cool, thx for posting @Negata


Anyone is into WRC !