Any Motorsports Fans!


Any race fans ! From @DatNobleSavage s suggestion.

Love F1 , Enduro Motocross, Trials moto, & loads of other kind of racing.



I’m sorry but I’m not a friend of Zanardi.
He voted yes to a referendum that wanted to destroy our Italian constitution.

He is a friend of the politicians of the left with mass immigration and the powerful Masons of the U.E. it will never be an example for me.
Sorry if I express my opinion


No, none here :yum:

Yeppers, if it’s got an engine… You know I’ll like it! Love watching these enduro videos you post @altman


@altman I follow the Dakar Rally now


Oh didn t know about that politics sh!t from him , too bad


Dakar s pretty crazy right !



These are a crazy bunch at the Isle of Man ! See them sometimes on tv.


This girl is awesome. She is a champion.


Thx for that ! Never heard about her, pretty good right !


In 2015 she finished ninth in the Dakar, but she has been winning since 2011 in the women’s category.


@altman I wouldn’t mind driving one of these trucks


Me either ! Likee !


Season 3 starts Jan. 18th on Prime :+1:


Looks interesting @Glenn


Some highlights from ths Dakar race;


Thanks @altman, yesterday I couldn’t see the summaries.


No problem @Negata