Any chance for JWM in a new release?

Hey guys,

I know this has come up before, but it seems even more pertinent now. When i was new to minimalist WM/DEs Openbox was great and i used it for months. Eventually the tension between tint2 and polybar became too much as i am not a big fan of either. Both are add-ons and behave that way in real time. I used Fluxbox for some time without major complaints, but it does have limitations. My understanding is it is no longer being mainntained? I switched to JWM as it is still under development, has its own bar, and is highly configurable even by relative novices. I also find it even “snappier” than Openbox. I think it, or its successor, will be the next major player in minimalist floating WM/DEs. Also, i know of only 2 other Arch-based distros that offer it stand-alone at install, neither of which have really taken off. I appreciate ALs attempt to broaden their desktop selection, but personally think it’s suited best for minimalist ones.

So i ask, were there to be a new ArchLabs release, is there any chance of adding JWM to the options available? Is there any user desire for such an option? Just a thought…

We haven’t even looked at JWM. If you want this included then what would help is some custom AL styled configs.

Let me know what you think.


@Dobbie03 I think you are spot on! I would love to do something to help the distro as well as get JWM included. but sadly i don’t know that i am able to do such a thing. Just in case, could you be a little more specific re what you are looking for when you say “AL styled configs?” Do you mean themes, or something else?
One thing i noticed that may, or may not, be of help, is most JWMs out of the box have several neat theme options except they are light, usually with only a single dark one. BUT, when i installed vanilla JWM into AL and added the themes taken from other distros or git, i ended up with the menu colors and window borders of the various themes, but the insides are all dark? Somehow it picks up the default AL dark theme, yet retains borders of the assigned JWM color theme. I like it as it kinda gives a dark version of each JWM theme that didn’t exist before.

I mean themes. JWM needds to be stylised in the AL fashion :smiley:

Saying that. the new themes haven’t been released yet though.

Hmmm. Seems a bit of a catch 22 there? :relaxed:

LOL yeah but they are available at bitbucket :smiley:

Would you also like the key bindings to match up with what AL uses?

Good point, yes it would make sense. I didn’t even think of that.

Jwm has been in the installer for a bit but I’m moving away from tweaking the configs a ton so it just uses the default config, if there’s something jwm users want included they can make a PR to

Following the existing directory style and no overlapping files with other skel packages.

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