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Any chance for JWM in a new release?

Hey guys,

I know this has come up before, but it seems even more pertinent now. When i was new to minimalist WM/DEs Openbox was great and i used it for months. Eventually the tension between tint2 and polybar became too much as i am not a big fan of either. Both are add-ons and behave that way in real time. I used Fluxbox for some time without major complaints, but it does have limitations. My understanding is it is no longer being mainntained? I switched to JWM as it is still under development, has its own bar, and is highly configurable even by relative novices. I also find it even “snappier” than Openbox. I think it, or its successor, will be the next major player in minimalist floating WM/DEs. Also, i know of only 2 other Arch-based distros that offer it stand-alone at install, neither of which have really taken off. I appreciate ALs attempt to broaden their desktop selection, but personally think it’s suited best for minimalist ones.

So i ask, were there to be a new ArchLabs release, is there any chance of adding JWM to the options available? Is there any user desire for such an option? Just a thought…

We haven’t even looked at JWM. If you want this included then what would help is some custom AL styled configs.

Let me know what you think.