Antergos vacator, old Archbang fan

Antergos is nice and all, but I found their default OpenBox install to be very lacking, and I’m very lazy.

My name is Jase, simply wanted to take the training wheels off. I’ve used linux off and on since about 2007 starting with Ubuntu/Knoppix/DSL
I’ve always been a fan of minimalism, and OpenBox has spoken to me, and I was looking forward to using it for awhile. Went with Antergos because I knew it “worked” for me for MATE, and also offered Deepin, which I hadn’t tried yet.

I thought Archbang/Crunchbang was dead, until I googled Crunchbang. I almost installed that, until I googled a bit further, since I really wanted to stick with Arch, because like I said, training wheels and all. I know my way around a bit already from some simple googling, and have already made a couple edits to my setup.

I’m currently reading about pipemenu, so I can add Chrome-dev to the openbox menu, but I’ve been reading other stuff too… so not that far yet.

My current goals are to learn Black Magic Design Fusion and remaster The GIMP.

I am currently learning Javascript, and was a bit dismayed to find that the current AUR version of Brackets closes with out much of a debug response, and it doesn’t accept command lines, so I installed Atom.

I just graduated with my HiSET in 2017 (Like a GED), though I am 30 years old. I am a bit ashamed of it, but I plan to enter school and study AI if I can.

I really am thankful of the suggestion I received to use Plank over Docky, since docky is dead.

So far I am really enjoying getting ArchLabs setup and to my liking though I havent played with much, thanks for having me folks. I can be a little confused sometimes due to my mental incapacities so please bear with me if I seem repetitive, or am just not getting it exactly right away.

Glad Archbang lives on in spirit.


Welcome aboard . Nice intro in there !

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Nice intro!

According to the comments on the AUR package page people are having success running the flatpak version:

See also

Yeah, I saw that about the Flatpak, and was going to install it… but I hear Live Preview doesn’t work, which was one of the main features I used. Maybe I can live with it :slight_smile:

I’ll give it a looksee for sure.

Hello @Xase and welcome to the forum

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Welcome @Xase!! Glad you found us.

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Greetings @Xase, great to have ya. You’re never too old to go back to school… Best of luck.

I thought ArchBang was still around?

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It may be… it looked dead from here, that’s for sure. But upon looking at distrowatch, it says they released an ISO in May so…


I was of the understanding that ArchBang had gone the systemd-less way? I’m not quite sure. Haven’t delved into it deep enough.

They used to do both Systemd and OpenRC, but mrgreen kinda gave up the latter, Artix took over it:
Here the last post

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Archbang rocked! :slight_smile:

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Welcome @Xase, though we already met. I got my second degree in my late 30s. The time you stop learning is the time you’re pushing daisies. Don’t be ashamed of finishing your studies at what you think is late. The only shame comes, when you knew you could do it but never did. As you know, we are a helpful bunch, but we also have a sense of humor. If you feel like you’re stressed out, read some of our wacky posts, then take a couple of breaths, and continue on.

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Be very welcome!!! :grin:

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Hello and welcome.
I’m now in my forties finishing college. It’s not a shame at all. I wish life could have provided me the chance a few years ago, but apparently now is my chance. :slight_smile:
You’ll like ArchLabs. It’s fantastic.

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Thanks for the warm welcomes. I love learning and that’s why I always loved Linux in general, it always has something new to challenge me. I’m glad ArchLabs is here though, because it satisfied my needs of both OpenBox and Arch :). Hopefully I can provide some usefulness to someone else at some point :smiley: