Antergos Shut Down

Sad news.


Very true. I used to use Antergos, and my daughter still does.

I cut my teeth into arch based systems with Antergos. That was the first distro I have used to learn a little bit about arch linux, before I had installed vanilla arch. Sorry to see it not being supported any more.

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Sad to see great distros go, been on Antergos for a while years ago on my distro hopping time …

Thax @Dobbie03 for the link.

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Too bad; it was a nice project.

Based on the forum traffic, looks to be a lot of interest in users taking over the project so it continues.

It might do what s been happening to CB, they formed BL, never know right .

never did use antergos was more interested in archbang/pacbang aat the time and such. But i do/did here they were a good and knowledgeable nix community, shame to see it shut down.

Yeah it’s a pity, I hope ArchLabs will survive for a long time because things like that arrive often on small dev teams. I know that the subjet is closed but if devs are still interested I can help with french translation. :wink:

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