Another law of European parasites

One of the worst days of my life.:japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre::japanese_ogre:

Well , it s coming like that everywhere one day sadly.

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I will never buy a disc, a movie, a cd, and everything to do with copyright

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I am sorry, but those fucking pricks!
In germany there were massive protests against from a massive base, and some days ago there were a lot of demonstrations. All “company media” reported about the participant as “drones, remote controlled by large internet companys” or “the Kremlin” and reminds to the “patriotism of hitleryouth” (Hurrapatriotismus junger Kriegsbegeisterter früherer Zeiten) . When I read this I was sure this stupid law will pass, because media always report like that if there is something sketchy going on from the blue team (Transatlantikbrücke, which belongs to the US based Council of Foreign Relations).

Now there are conspiracy theories spreading, that germany had to accept this to make france accepting the North Stream 2 pipeline, which would explain the style of reports from the company media. (

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So you’re saying that musicians, writers, movie makers, journalists, programmers (yes, they too!) should work for free for your enjoyment? Didn’t you think that they also like to eat something and sometimes drink beer? These things do not grow on trees.


Thank for the link

I never said that we should work for free, but copyright is a shit invented by thieves.
Can you explain me why I have to pay the rights to the cousins of the deceased authors?
And I reiterate I urge everyone not to buy products with copyright.
Then everyone is free to think what he wants.
This is just my opinion.

Probably you’re right, probably it should be changed. Until it happens, we have no other way to pay authors for their work.

The problem is not to remunerate the authors (every job deserves a salary) It is to enrich intermediaries and to provide large companies with algorithmic censorship.
I welcome the British out of the EU and hope they will not give in.
As for the EU, it will become even more of a soft IV reich.
As a Frenchman, I can say that it is not our poor frightened “elites” who will have the courage to oppose it, quite the contrary.
After the helicopter ready to extract Macron in December, the laws against freedoms and democracy since then, the army in front of the demonstrators last Saturday, the preventive arrests and the use of chemical markers, I fear we will enter the night again…

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Hi @Asaln,
But express all my thoughts on this freedom gag.

Hey bro, nice to see a neighbour here (I’m at the border to mulhouse at the german side of the rhine)!

I don’t think there is a soft reich called EU, just a satellite vassal drone of the US imperial force. Germany creeping even deeper into the colon to find a warm place to live in than France, but the UK was always even more assimilated to the stinky milieu there. I do not think that either of UK, EU and USA would profit from the brexit, but we’ll see.

All of them would profit to take you french people as an example, because you also live in such questionable milieu but always going to protest against the evil will of such suppressors while the rest of the world, and especially we germans, just sitting on our couch and asking ourselves “For fucking sake, where is the revolution?”, expressing our paralyzed reluctance to change anything. No will to change here at all and I always said, look at the french people, they are really different, they are protesting if they are abused, and they even seem to see their selves as the sovereign of their polititians and even their police officers while we germans are creepingly just classify ourselves as victims.

I really love to tracking news about the yellow west movement, even though company media always spreading FUD about those radical nazi terrorists.

Well, that reads if I am ultra anti american but I don’t. I don’t know how to label the problem. Maybe the problem is what the neolibs labeling “our democratic western values” or so. I hate those hipocrisy double standards.

If you consider what will happen in the future you can see that as a temporary thing.
The government, our politics (I’m french too), our system.
Civil war will happen, I don’t really want it, but I’m sure it will happen.
Next year, in 10 years ? Eh, will see.
Maybe you already know what will be the source and the beggining of that conflict, if you don’t see, be patient. That’s still a taboo thing and we still don’t have the right to speak about it on french websites, or in the medias.
Just…Worst things will come and replace all that, a new world is coming, peace is not eternal, and that next war will be worst than the wars our country have seen, it will start from inside.
I know that my words are kind of blurry, but I don’t really want to debate around a so delicate and politically subject, it would result here in a bad atmosphere.
All these last laws, it’s temporary.
Have a nice day.


The copyright directive is mostly good. However, there are Article 13/later 17 (-> upload filter) and 11 (link tax) which are pretty bad. You can argue about article 11, because you could at least do what the law wants you to do theoretically, but the upload filters are practically impossible and they probably are bad for free speech as well. There are some other points to complain about, like

  • there is no implementation of fair use.
  • we need better integration of Creative Commons.
  • smaller scale copyright holders have mostly been ignored anyways.

I was on the streets to stop article 13. The CCC was against it. Every expert said the upload filters were not possible to make. And still the hole directive passed.
And I think I also know why: Many conservatives are old, have never really used the internet and do therefore not care about it. Given the fact that there are some people doing their usual lobby thing, they just voted for the copyright directive. Maybe they even dislike the internet because they don’t understand it and this was a great opportunity to slow the development down. And that is the reason why going right like AfD (or whatever parties there are in the other countries) won’t work when voting for the new EU parliament. Because most of these the people are pretty old as well. Also, if you like free speech, you should probably not vote for undemocratic parties watched by the federal office for the protection of the constitution anyways, I guess.
My solution for this will be going green, because I don’t want to support the second candidate of the German pirates, he is known for sexual harassment. And yes, I do know green is also not the perfect answer as well.

I also expect the people to get mad at some point, but I hope it will not be a civil war. Anyways, if it is Europe wide, we will probably see French going first, therefore in Germany we will have some time to prepare at least. I would hope, that it stays a war of hackers, which would be more apt to our time, I guess.

What I consider to be very bad as well is the reaction of most press. Because the German press was mostly pro and article 11 + 13/17 and that showed. I can’t blame them for having this opinion, because the democratic media just seem to destroy their business. But even though they have this opinion the should at least show the other side as well. Because that is what press is about: Giving the public access to the truth, theoretically, at least. There have not been many articles reporting bad about the copyright directive, though. Well, I already had the expectation that most press is probably a bit biased, but now I know it for a fact that they did not even bother to be somehow neutral. Which makes me wonder about where I should get good news from when the topic is not computers, because and are pretty good there IMHO.

As a result I am very disturbed now and not just because of the fact that 200.000 demonstrators and with them a hole generation of youths have been ignored (and it is pretty obvious that the democracy is ill), but also about the fact that we do not even have much good press which is not lobbying for themselves. I will have to see where that goes and what to do about it, also from a technical perspective.

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Yes, for the big companies. Not for the small ones, not for the artists, but very good for commerce.

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Good point @entr0py , good for the big intermediairies, not the small ones & the artists as usual.

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Thank you @altman, i’ll elaborate my point.

Isn’t it suspicious, the collecting societies communicate as they would be the lobby for the creatives?

It should. All the noise about upload filters is ment to force google to contract with content mafia. Article 11 and 13 are similare, one is for text and one for music and video.

But it has nothig to do with paying creatives, only industrial monetizing and truth monopole.

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Yep @entr0py , pretty suspicious to me also.

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Swedish democrats admits they:
Accidentally pressed the wrong button

Bet loads of people pressed the wrong ones in different countries.