Annoyance with floating windows

This is intentional, in fact fullscreen windows are demanded to be floating so they rest above all other windows (in dk we don’t actually have layers so it’s a bit weird). You can’t really do much with fullscreen windows aside from move them between screens as far as the spec and other common wm is concerned. This should however work if the fake fullscreen rule/toggle is used, that’s why it’s there. So you can tile and resize fullscreen windows.

ok so you advice me use make mpv fake-full?
On bspwm moving fullscreen windows is fine but it does not work the same way regarding ordering workspaces.

If you want to be able to toggle the floating state of a fullscreen window or resize it then yes.

I suppose this could be default behaviour but it’s very non-standard.


You have a fullscreen game or video and you accidentally move it a tiny bit off center and now you’re fiddling with trying to recenter the window. Especially when it comes to games this can be an issue. If you want an application (or all) to be manageable like this then fake-full is the solution.

Incoming fake-full issues too, I appreciate it.

ok I’ll experiment this on the week-end and come back to report.

Why don’t you use your hide screen command To place the full screen back to centered .

Ok I’ve made a bit of progress in the last couple commits and fixed some issues with floating windows and send/follow to other workspaces.

I’ll keep messing around in multi-head and see what else I can find. Please test it out and I’ll tackle whatever is still outstanding.

I’ve also been adding more and more debug output that can help me root out causes for weird issues like this so running a debug build and linking the log and output from dkcmd status type=full num=1 when an issue occurs could also be helpful.

Thanks for the patience.

EDIT: after some more of my own testing with dual monitor with dynamic workspaces even mpv (regardless of fullscreen state) seems to behave correctly.


Well it’s seams that issues went away since the last commit, mpv is doing much better
I have experimented in both modes, static & dynamic.
No errors on dkcmd status output and debbug.log. :smiley:
Thx a lot and what I can say is these windows weirdnesses and my report helped to improve the code, lol.