Android or iOS?


Yep , has been fork to LineageOS on December 2016 .

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No problem mate. Wiki s our friend buddy !


I have LineageOS v14.1 on my old Samsung Galaxy SIII, it’s a very polished OS and much better than the stock version.


I can’t put Lineage on my Samsung Galaxy s8+ because it would cause my phone to only charge to 80%. That really sucks, no pun intended.

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Arch linux users complaining about how complex android is LOL… I’ve only ever used android and it won’t change anytime soon.


Mainly because of the length of support time. It seems Google only offers 18 months of support and upgrades to their OS, Apple goes back 3-4 years.

I have just found iOS to be much more stable and reliable.

That’s actually partially true, since this isn’t Google fault’ if Samsung, Huawei etc don’t update their phone. From what I recall, Google offer 3 years for security and 2 major Android updates. But having the ability to bring a rom is , sorta, like increasing support time.
I’m waiting to see if the Trebble Project will change things, but afaik, it’s too soon.

And finally, it’s nice to have updates (pacman -Syu ? :smiley:), but if this happens to slow down the phone… Look at Apple a few month ago.

I had a Nexus 6, as far as I was aware it was never going to see Oreo. Plus I started getting frustrated with custom ROMs.

Considering that the Nexus range were the Google phones I would have expected a much longer support period.

Nope, I am happy with it. No need to experiment any more.

Depends on what phone you want to do it with. The OnePlus range would be the best choice for custom ROMs.

Just inconsistent with reliability.

There are some brilliant custom ROMs out there but I am just happy to have a reliable and working phone. Hence my change to iOS.

And it’s probably a self-sufficient reason, arch is time consumming enough :smiley:
And overall I feel like i’ve never been totally satisfied by a custom ROM, there is always a recurent bug and/or a functionnality that lacks.

Exactly this.