Android or iOS?

Which do you use and why? Which device do you use a your daily driver? I currently have an iPhone 8 with iOS 11.4.1 beta 3. In before the “ABSOLUTELY PROPIETARY” comments, I consider myself a pragmatist and even though iPhone use goes against the spirit of FOSS, it works well, is suited to my needs and Apple seems to care about user privacy. I sometimes miss Android but I can’t go back to excessively privacy invasive Google.

I used to be a huge Android Fanboy. Became very disillusioned with Android for some reason. Purchasd and iPhone 7+ last year but for some reason had an itch to use the Samsung Galaxy 8. That lasted 2 months.

Back on iOS with an Iphone X and currently running the iOS12 Developer Beta 2.

Gotta say iOS12 is gonna be epic. All we need is Dark Mode.

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I can take a guess: you got tired of the slow OS updates? Other device manufacturers’ bad habit of skinning stock Android and duplicity of apps? Those were definitely frustrations of mine and what everyone who doesn’t own a Google Pixel, Android One device, or flashes ROMs goes through.

iPhone X and iOS 12 beta 2?? I’m jealous. Haha. I want in on that iOS 12 beta train but the associated cost though…

That and the piss poor length of time for device support. 18 months is bullshit.

I found a link to the beta profile at Reddit but its been removed. I would have linked you.

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18 months is definitely a load of horse manure!

That would have been sweet. Thanks nonetheless! :smiley:

Check your inbox broski, I found the link.

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Yeeaaaahhh buddyyyyy!! :sunglasses:

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Updated and everything went perfectly. No issues so far! They weren’t kidding about the performance improvements. I thought my phone was fast before but now it’s blazing fast.

Yeah I have noticed a huge change too.

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I’ve just bought a new Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact so I’m running Android Oreo (8), Googled all to hell and back :smiley:

My old Samsung was de-Googled and running LineageOS and it was a more reliable UI, ironically.

I have an intrinsic loathing of Apple products that stretches back to an early exposure to their crappy original Macs (I think they were 512Ks), they were very crude compared to the Sun SPARCStations I preferred to use at the time…

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Currently running a OnePlus 5, happy with it, blazing fast, battery is good enough considering that I play and watch videos for a good amount of time a day, plus the ability to load your battery in less that an hour is quite an improvement ^^ And having android ability to install whatever I want from wherever i want is definitely what got me to stay in Android.

My point for not having an ios device is, besides the updates that slow your phone down, that I can flash a lineage for the day I feel something is wrong with my setup.

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I forgot to mention that if I actually used my phone for anything important I would only use one operating system on it:

I don’t trust Apple at all

Back when I owned Android phones, I had a OnePlus 5 and it was a GREAT phone.

I was always intrigued by the Sony phones and always wanted to own one, but never did because the fingerprint sensor in the USA was disabled for their devices with the side-mounted sensor. The only way to enable it was to flash the European ROM.

I believe CopperheadOS is pretty much dead now: Future of CopperheadOS looks murky
I get why people don’t necessarily trust Apple, it is closed-source after all. But their phones just work, are reliable and major apps get taken care of on Apple’s platform first, plus their devices are supported for several years with OS updates. So I make compromises for the sake of practicality when it comes to my smartphone.

We can at least acknowledge that Apple makes its money on hardware and not advertising and user data, so we can reasonably assume Apple does care about user privacy like they say they do. That said, I fully recognize that it may be a marketing ploy, because the OS is closed-source. Furthermore, we all know that Apple (along with Google) are susceptible to PRISM. I suppose if I were on the further end of the privacy spectrum, I would have to give up smartphones until something better comes along, like the Librem 5 by Purism. I suppose would also have to go full RMS and only use a Libre distribution! But again, I’m a pragmatist (mostly), so I don’t think I can go that far.

Stock Android. It does what I want and is affordable. Do I trust Google? Hell no but I’m not about to fork out more cash for an apple product which does the same damn thing and from a company I trust even less.

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Can’t argue against the affordability. Even a Google Pixel 2 is a couple hundred cheaper than an iPhone 8.

@Head_on_a_Stick is your Samsung exynos or snapdragon? Can’t seem to find custom ROM for Samsung snapdragon. :confused:

It’s an old Galaxy SIII running LineageOS, and running it well, much better than the stock Samsung OS.

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Every once in a while I get all nostalgic for Android, then I remember the numerous issues and I remind myself how much simpler it is just to have an iPhone.

Besides all the quick shortcuts you can take with an android device, i would probably agree.

Why do you prefer Iphone over a phone running on Android?