Anarchy Linux

Guys, Anarchy Linux has been added to waiting list at Distrowatch, let’s get behind them and give them our vote.

Most of us must have used Anarchy/Arch Anywhere in our past?

Anyway, upvote at Distrowatch


I loved the release, even contributed a very tiny amount of code to it. Wonderful people.

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Oh nice, yeah Dylan seems like a pretty on to it dude as well.

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I was going to try that distro, but it didn’t have the DE I needed. But that being said, it seems like it is well put together. It was a bummer though with the issue with Arch because of copyright infringement. But glad they figured a way around that. What is the hold up? Haven’t they been featured on DistroWatch?

You normally have a 12 month wait before accepted on the list at Distrowatch.

And in the meantime the music of the crickets in the background is your only companion! Wow! Dobbie03, I think in this little corner of the web, perhaps we can make some noise for Anarchy/Arch Anywhere. You would think DistroWatch would do something! I do remember other sites mentioning Anarchy, that’s how I learned of this gem and its little group of script warriors. That’s also where I learned about the little debacle about the trademark issue. As I stated earlier I would have used it if wasn’t for the fact that it didn’t support my DE. I do use Archmerged because it behaves with Windows 10. For some reason Archlabs and Windows 10 don’t get along. But, that’s why I have a second HDD which will be hackintosh. The tangled web that I am in! Why do I do this to myself?!:wink:

ArchLabs was only on the list for a couple of months, no doubt they will be accepted early too.

Regarding the dual boot issue with windwos (I refuse to spell that correctly), Nate has sorted that issue.

Yeah, there are a lot of woes (wos) with windows. Unfortunately, it’s a neccessary evil in the work I do where some of the software is running only on the Windows (Widows) OS that I have to use. Makes me cringe most of the time. Perhaps that’s why I get migraines all the time.

I am bumping this because I am still having problems with their installer, even after their new updated one. It borks out on the latter half of the install. Too bad, I like Anarchy too.

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I never had good luck with Anarchy…even when it was called by it’s former name (which I can’t remember). One distro I did have good luck with was (I think it’s called) Feliz Linux, no longer maintained though.

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I can just pull off their repo for some of their theming and stuff, their Custom Openbox is basically XFCE without XFWM and Openbox in place of it. Which kind of defeats the purpose lol, because they still have the XFCE desktop active.

Speaking of XFCE, their RC has some ginchy features that makes it look like someone actually works there. Before it was like you waited forever for a major update, and then you’re like “I shaved my balls for this?” when the update is revealed lol.

I can’t believe that, as far as I know a special breed of Linux Elves works on XFCE while the devs sleep.

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I forget that devs hang out here too. I wasn’t bagging on XFCE as much as I was giving it kudos for the new little tweaks. I even installed XFCE on the updated AL, just to check them out.

I know :smiley: Neither was I. I was just complementing their stable DE in a weird way.

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