An old Arch nerd

Hello everyone.
I’ve already posted on the forum, but i haven’t introduced myself.

I’m an Arch/Thinkpad Fanboy, and I fell for ArchLabs because it feels very complete and well made.

I’m currently using a Thinkpad X1 4th gen and a X201s. ArchLabs is my main distro and plain Arch (very polished setup) is in my old laptop.

I’m currently studying computer networks, information security and Data Science and I Hope i can be an active member of this community and also hope it never goes away :slight_smile:


@pintas , I’d like to “officially” welcome you to the forum.
No worries, you are now stuck with us forever. :smile:

Welcome aboard mate !


Tanks guys. It’s good to be here :kissing_heart:

Hello and Welcome!!

@pintas Oh you poor individual. First welcome to the forum! Now, your sanity will disappear and you will have our sense of humor cracking you up. Hope you enjoy this forum. We also help each other and hope you will join in.

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:+1:t2: How can i possible be sane using Arch? :laughing:


lol, funny guys around !