American refugee in Canada!


Yo! My name is Chris.
I’m a writer, podcaster, and doggo daddy exploring my mental health right now. I made a salary shooting and editing videos and commercials for a marketing agency, but that was not living, as I’ve learned. Yup, I met a woman and moved to CAN to be with her. I’m very lucky to have her support as I try to heal myself.

I’ve used linux for certain tasks for over 10 years. WAP server for my Motorola candybar phone back in the day, music server for the various places I’ve lived, and other dabblings. A few years ago, I installed CrunchBang on a n old laptop my father-in-law gave me. I thought I might take a serious stab at linux as a daily driver, but the laptop was chained to its power supply. Regardless, I loved openbox!

Now, my ancient Macbook Pro is lagging. So, I decided to dual boot to linux and make another attempt. I wanted to use Bunsenlabs, but these Macs with their dual graphics cards seemed to make any install I tried do nothing but give me a black screen. I found Archlabs and I have come full circle. When I found CrunchBang, it was after a failed attempt installing Arch!

Hi! I look forward to picking your brains and learning more linux. I used ReFind to get the install started and grub over wrote it. I can go back to MacOS by holding the option key, surely. Then, I could probably run the ReFind script again to fix it, but forget that! I want to use AL!


Hello and welcome from New Zealand!

Hope to catch you around the forum!


Thank you! I hope to catch you in New Zealand some time! I’ve never been.


It’s a great place to visit.


Hello @sikkdays welcome to the forum, Northern Ireland here and planning to visit New Zeland as well.


You’re all more than welcome to visit me!


I’ll bring some Guinness!


Welcome aboard from another Canadian.

You have a great story in there.


Hi and welcome @sikkdays, from the cornfields of Tornadoville USA :slight_smile:


Hi @sikkdays hope you enjoy AL distro and this forum. From the beaver state.


I moved from Michigan to CAN, so I understand tornadoes all too well. I saw some that hadn’t touched down when I was a kid. That was freaky. Also saw a small one in a field once while driving. Stay safe!


I bet you do man :slight_smile: We wen’t through our second in about 4 yrs here… Literally went through it, EF1 to EF2 damage - 1/4 mile footprint.

Been to Canada many times… Beautiful country and genuine, wonderful people.


I do like a drop of Guinness now and then.


According to my team of experts (the same one I mentioned in the World Cup tread) the plane travel will affect the quality of the product. They reckon I’d better bring Whisky.
For sure they know more about boozes than football.
So that’s the idea: I’ll come to visit NZ and if I ever decide to come back I’ll drag you a$$ here straight to the pub.
Sounds like a plan?


lol, good one in there @pippo !


Hey Sikkdays, I’m Toola ( real name Brett) the Hobart, Tasmania part of AL. Welcome to the forums and welcome to ArchLabs.
If I can be of any assistance let me know mate. I’m on here everyday making sure no ones having trouble and just scoping things out.
Never been to Canada but my mother in law is a Canadian and my wife is from Dannville California.
Take it easy and have a good one


A very solid plan. The Guinness here should do just fine anyway!


Wow, such a friendly community here. This is awesome! It reminds me of mastodon. Hopefully, with my limited linux knowledge I’ll be able to help people here and continue to converse.


We hope so too! And we also try to have fun at the same time.