Amazon Linux


Do I need Amazon Prime?

lol, might have too !

I sure hope it is without commercials (“adverts” for you real English speakers).

lol, would not be a surprise !

They could something even worse.

unixporn guy rices up his Amazon Linux install

accidentally orders 50 lbs of rice delivered to his front door


lol, at twice its price, for it pays for their linux iso.

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I put this in the same basket as any Microsoft related Linux “project”. Blasphemy.


One of the worst, if not the only one (wait for Meta/Facebook). :grinning:


I’m just waiting for the day that the final E is initiated by MS and the Linux we all know and love is no more and is now some proprietary monster we have to pay to use.

Order 66 as I like to call it.


Could have been worse like the 5lbs of cumin my wife obtained…


You can open a Mexican restaurant with all the cumin. Or use it with a meat rub.

Source: I cook with a lot of cumin lulz

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Does anyone remember when amazon use to just be a book company?

Now they’ve turned into Costco off of Idiocracy with a weener logo.


You have no idea how many ways we now use cumin. We started because my wife & daughter are allergic to alliums (garlic & onions). We now use cumin for all our Mexican and Hummus even our Italian efforts… :wink:

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I feel sorry for them. I can’t imagine life without garlic and onions.


I describe them as the oxygen of cooking. Without them your food is lifeless.

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Speaking of which I just started sautéing shallots

I always have garlic, onions, and Roma tomatoes in the fridge. The basics for most sauces, and salsas. I have both ground and cumin seed. I grind cumin seed with garlic cloves in a molcajete for Mexican dishes. I crush the romas, add fresh minced garlic, and use one whole onion halved, and a half stick of butter for a basic tomato sauce for pasta.

Do you ever use Mexican Oregano? We use it a lot with Chile in NM.

It’s often confused with Epizote and regular oregano but entirely different.