Am I missing something here?

Edit: This thread can hang around. Post the things that you find that make no sense to you yet everyone else seems to understand.

So David Silveria, the original Korn drummer has a new band and I’d thought I would check it out as I have always rated David as a drummer.

I heard, I cringed and I posted my thoughts. The weird thing is, most comments are in huge praise of this and how good it sounds. I think I have a pretty good ear for music (just because I just post Metal albums here it doesn’t mean it is all I listen to) and to me, this is NOT a good song.

It’s generic, boring and the vocals are atrocious. Can some one else take a listen and let me know what they think? I must be missing something otherwise.

That sums it up.
Must have been a bunch of Silveria fan boys commenting when you were.

Yeah friends and family of the band. I loved those first two Korn albums, anything following that just was disappointing. Deftones are the cream of that “Nu” crop anyway.

No you are not missing anything.

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It was getting ok till the vocals started to me.

Reminds me of Korn beat-wise also.

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Very Korn-ish. Too simple though, I can see for the people that like this sort of thing it would get boring quickly.

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Liked the early Korn, but it was years ago ! lol

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I think this thread can hang around.

I have seen this many times, I still have no idea what is going on:

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Gee, that must be some new kind of dope that those that ! lol

Is that one of those outdoor rave or free parties - whatever they’re calling it these days.

Not sure @PackRat but I have discovered they call themselves Cyber Goths.

Club kids that like to dress Goth. I guess the guy in white didn’t get the “black formal only” memo.

No end to the mix and match. We’ll know it’s the apocalypse when Death Metal line dancing hits the streets.

Now you have said that you now know it is going to become a thing don’t you?

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That didn’t take long:

I was worried for a minute, that’s just Groove Metal Line Dancing. I think Death Metal would take it to a higher level.

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Coolest video ever! Love the green color. :grin:

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