Alternatives to web products and services [Google]

We can concentrate some tips and tricks here, from the email to the photo program or virtual drive, it does not matter, the idea is to know new services and paths because the possibilities exist, so let’s explore!

Note: It is worth remembering that millions of people in the Asian continent live without it. [G]

Note of lazy: If possible add a link to your suggestion! :wink:

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In the medium has a history >

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Great topic man! :+1:

I have no answers but good topic :laughing:


Not even then, but soon we will know … :joy::joy:

1 Like, Excluí a minha conta do g +, recuso-me a utilizar os hangouts, mas tenho de manter o meu Gmail

Or so… :slight_smile:

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Me too, but Gmail is the junk mail deposit.
I have a live_com from 2001 or 2002, I do not remember now.
But or resetruturar everything, alternatives are not lacking, our evil is habit …

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I use gmail as a dead letter box, too.

There are proton mail and vivaldi mail for those that prefer privacy.


The last time I went there I had 3,611 notes to delete, I played a little hahaah believe!
I think it was in June or July, I took a print but I asked when I installed al-0718

Thunderbird accesses ProtonMail without problems.
But regardless of system or email client, it is the old (80’s) SMTP that from so simple is insecure.
A while ago Microsoft and Google were together planning a new protocol, I did not have any more news.

I kinda think that Email is a dead issue at the moment with tech companies. It seems that their focus is on social media. I wish they would do something with Email technology where we won’t be overwhelmed by jmail (my term for junk Email). I am getting junk from companies and individuals that I have never dealt with before. I even get Emails from these single services. Guys, I am married… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Actually I’d be glad if I were you. Getting ads and “jmail” for stuff you are not interested in at all means that at least those fishy ad companies do not have enough information about you to tailor their spam to your wants and needs.

That being said, I second everything that’s been said about email so far. I do not, however, agree with the medium post mentioned above. I realize it is deliberately written in a very polarising way but there are so many ways to not use google or its services - even though of course it is almost impossible to avoid them completely.

I (still) use ddg for my searches, I use a VPN to browse the net, I use firefox with strict privacy add-ons, I use protonmail for Mails, etc etc.
Makes me not feel completely “secure” and “private” but it makes me feel like at least I try to not throw all my informatino at their feet…

Also, I just found this in a protonmail blog post regarding their 4-year-anniversary:

We also remain committed to building Proton Calendar, Proton Drive, Proton Docs, and much more, so that we can provide a more private alternative to what exists today ( Source )

I dont go in for the web services except for private email (not google or microsoft etc), keep it local and lean. Oh scrot moe, could be considered a service, probably the best service on the web for what it does imo. Forums are good and i subscribe to some rss feeds and blogs via email. Social media is just a honey trap i stay away from.