Alternative window buttons for openbox

I found that yesterday and i think, it is a nice thing to share.
If someone is interest in other window buttons for openbox, than you can try this:, and this looks like that:

There are 7 other button themes in this pack. You only have to replace them in your theme directory. Example: /usr/share/themes/ArchlabsDark/openbox3 etc. You can colorize them too. Any color you like. Have fun!


Combines with the lightness of the system…

Thank you!

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Nice. I have a couple of OB themes using those window buttons.

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Thats nice. Which themes? Can you share them? Greetings.

Just the ones LovelyBacon made to go with those buttons plus a couple of alternate ArchLabs themes.

Ah OK. LovelyBacon? Than i have to go back to deviantart and searching for them. Thanks for the info. Sad that he quits his work on deviantart.

Yeah I quit Deviantart too, far too many spammers there with no moderation.

Yes i understand that. There are too many of them and there is a reason why i don`t have an da - account. It is sad, cause da was an inspiring platform in the past. Btw… Any idea for an da alternative?

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None really other that /r/unixporn.