Alternating i3 Layouts



Want i3 to automatically adjust the vertical/horizontal tiling of your windows?

Check this out


Cool, I think it’s time to start trying another thing than Openbox.


Do it!


Haha dunno, i3 seems like a lot of work, but do I have to configure everything or maybe ArchLabs has pre-config for it?


All pre-configured for you.


yay -S i3


Correction suggestion: yay -S i3-gaps


Guess it s the same for me, but I like Openbox too much & I m too used to it


Double correction suggestion: pacman -S i3-gaps


Hey @Arcandres, just found this gif. Thought it might encourage you further to install and use i3.


All right, all right.

I’m using it.

It was easy enough to just change this:


I’m adjusting to shotcurts and I have to move the old ones and yes, I chose i3-gaps.


Was it the Shia LeBeouf gif that convinced you?


Haha yes, thank god it doesn’t have sound.


I was thinking the same. :slight_smile: