Alt-tab action in i3wm

I’m using i3 for a short while and i missing switch focus with alt-tab keys and i looked and didn’t found an easy way all ways were hacky and complicated so any idea how to make it work ?

If you want to switch focus to the previous viewed workspace, this should do it

bindsym Mod1+Tab workspace back_and_forth

@Mahmoud You can use mod+arrows to change focus.
I think it not implemented like under windows because the i3 philosophy.

Oh if you’re talking about focus cycling between windows, then you should see this. Seems like they don’t want to implement it

Yes what i was asking about but sad news that they won’t implement it thanks for responding

I found a rofi script that brought up all the windows in rofi and you selected from there. I can’t find it now though sorry.

there are some 3rd party tools available, not tested them with i3 myself, but hope it’ll work:


NP thanks anyway

wow interesting will check them thanks

Skippy-xd works perfectly.

rofi -show window

will bring up a list of active windows and works with i3 containers.

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Ah yes there is that but I had a different one. Lost it when I did my reinstall in January.

yes and they are available with the archlinux repository.
thanks i will test skippy

Just came across this at reddit:

Might help?