Alpine Linux: none more minimal


Alpine Linux is an ultra-minimal distribution that is based on musl libc and OpenRC/busybox rather than the more bloated alternatives commonly employed (GNU’s libc and RedHat’s systemd, respectively).

Although list the distribution type as “Firewall, Raspberry Pi, Server, Security, Telephony”, I have found that it makes for an excellent, if rather minimal, desktop system.

The installer is designed for serial console, ssh & terminal sessions (it doesn’t even offer a curses interface, let alone a nice, cuddly gtk gui) and it lays down a system which is far more “bare” and minimal than a base Arch Linux system so quite a bit of configuration is needed.

I’ve made some notes for setting up my Alpine Linux desktop that may be useful if anybody wants to try it out:

Apologies for the crude page, it’s my first website :slight_smile:


I’ve always considered Alpine to be over my head but with your notes @Head_on_a_Stick, I may give it a try.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Don’t worry about the website @Head_on_a_Stick, it’s doable the way it is. Now I have another challenge to work with. Boy, my wife is not going to like this! :joy::rofl:


Feel free to ask for any clarifications, I will probably add more bits as and when I think of them.

EDIT: pictures added :slight_smile:


Awesome stuff @Head_on_a_Stick I have been meaning to try Alpine for quite some time.