All the things!


I cannot even take credit for the way any of my machines look since finding the work of this guy…


Holy shite! … Very nice find


Yup, @Addy’s got it goin’ on.


I’m just gonna plug r/unixporn for sake of completeness. I also like the dots of u/NerdyPepper


Yeah @Addy has some cool setups. There are a ton of talented people at /r/unixporn.


Sure. But there are here too.


I second this notion. I have been a purist for along time. I have only used debian, rhel, centos, and arch. I am very biased against ubuntu, mint, adn athe plethora of other forks of baseline distributions. I like what you have done with archlabs and will continue to use it as my laptop and workstation distribution. I am still going straight arch/rhel for my servers…


Hehe thank you very much!
Glad it is useful :slightly_smiling_face:


^ There he is, Hi @Addy! :slight_smile:


Hi too Mr.Glen :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks for remember me & remind me come here


@Addy Always welcome here, my friend! :grinning: