Alacritty / Kitty geometry settings

I managed to get Kitty setup as a scratch and it works pretty well. Unlike ST, I can’t seem to find how (if possible) to setup geometry. So, I’'m curious if anyone knows how to set this? I’m fairly certain that if it can be done in Alacritty, it should xfer over to Kitty

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Read through the Window Layout section. I think it’s in there:

Kitty config

Which window manager? If you’re using openbox, or fluxbox, the geometry of kitty can be set by the window manager’s per app functionality.


I am using dwm. I did check out the kitty.con man page. I saw where you could set it, but it seems like that needs to be within the config… Actually, while I’m typing this, I could create a custom conf file to use for this instance of kitty and reference that conf file.

That being said, I did try to pass the parms when starting kitty and it did not like that. So, I’ll try the above later on.

You need to set alacritty/kitty to be launched in floating mode in dwm and the terminal config file will take effect.

That is correct. I have done that. The issue is that I can’t seem to preset a size for the pad. Now I can resize it, but obviously when shutting down or logging off, it reverts to the original size

So these options in kitty.conf are not working for you (kitty configuration)

remember_window_size, initial_window_width, initial_window_height

remember_window_size yes
initial_window_width 640
initial_window_height 400

If enabled, the window size will be remembered so that new instances of kitty will have the same size as the previous instance. If disabled, the window will initially have size configured by initial_window_width/height, in pixels. You can use a suffix of “c” on the width/height values to have them interpreted as number of cells instead of pixels.

see above

Kitty also has an --override option:

--override, -o=OVERRIDE
    Override individual configuration options, can be specified multiple
    times. Syntax: name=value. For example: -o font_size=20
kitty --help

to see all the other options.