[AL-xfce] Weird behavior on laptop


On my old asus gaming laptop, which runs AL and xfce besides windows, I occured a weird bug while transfering files from my internal HD to and external USB HD.

I launched the transfer, and plugged the computer to the sector a few minutes after. From that point, the transfer failed, the USB HD was no longuer displaying any files, screen began flickering…

I plugged the HD to my second laptop, the transfer failed but the rest of the Data is fine.

On my asus laptop though,after rebooting, I no longuer have the screen decoration, I can’t open xfce settings for the WM, etc. Pacman -Syu didn’t fix anything, with no surprise though.

Since I did wanted to get rid of xfce for openbox or plasma (yet to define), it doesn’t bother me much that my setup is broken (only use the laptop for plex, some occasional vm and gaming on windows), but I still want to get some explanations.

Any clue ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I do not know if archlabs install xfwm4, try to give in the terminal:

You might have an old installation, the current installation medium ask you which DE you want.
And yes, I had xfwm4 installed (I remember configuring it to my own needs). Can not check at the moment, sorry :frowning:

from terminal it should solve your problem,or from tty.