Al-polybar-session missing

Hi all,
Semi-borked my system…

pacman error failed to commit update due to /etc/skel/.config/polybar… and /etc/skel/bin/… multiple files already exist in filesystem.

mv /etc/skel/.config/polybar* /etc/skel.config/polybar.bkp
mv /etc/skel/bin* /etc/skel/bin.bkp

pacman -Syyu (actually yay -Syyu)
Ran without error this time.

Tried al-polyzen just to check. polybar disappeared. Error states al-polybar-session command not found in line 119 of al-polyzen file (which is where the command is called, I checked).

Copied .bkp files to original locations, overwriting anything there.
Ran al-polyzen again, same error as before.

Removed and reinstalled al-polybar after backing up my .config/polybar files

Still no joy, even after rm al-polybar, reboot, and reinstall.

plz send halp?

All fixed.
Note to self: Read the news first!