AL Openbox - install gtk or qt version?

Hi, which should Iinstal?
This time its Transmission
But in general, I am a little confused about which one is ‘best’
I think its if your system is one based then use that one to install less dependencies?
But I am not sure, and what is AL openbox based on? (if this is even a valid question)

Well @leigh , there isn’t really a best way imho. Feel free to do what you like :wink: AL OpenBox is mainly GTK based, but if you prefer the QT version of Transmission there wouldn’t really be a problem. Your rule of thumb is what I mostly apply (so QT with KDE, lxqt, GTK with OpenBox, Cinnamon etc.). Then again, I am probably the guy with the most GTK applications in my KDE Plasma setup (Geany, Nemo, Tixati etc.) :wink: So there you have it, do as you please. If memory is a constraint, or processing power I’d go with GTK apps (but not with Gnome hahahaha), but use Xfce most probably. QT brings more libraries and overhead, but in this day and age of decent processors and ample RAM it doesn’t really matter.


Thanks @Peppe
That makes sense
So for my normal lappy, no problem
But with my little EeePC project which is struggling - I should use GTK? but if I already use Qutebrowser (qt) then will I have the libraries etc anyway? or is it more about ‘weight’ than ‘volume’?
All this is probably overthinking, but I like to understand things.

Well, you could use Openbox or LXqt, just make sure it uses Openbox as a WM and not Kwin (from KDE). The last one brings in a ton of dependencies. Then with Qutebrowser, featherpad, pcmanfm-qt, qterminal, transmission QT etc you’d really have a lightweight QT system, without too many double libraries. So I’d say QT in the context of KDE/Kwin would bring in a lot of dependencies. For QT in general there are certainly a lot of lightweight applications out there, and they work very well in my experience.

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Sorry, I should have said, the EeePC has i3 on it
I could never get on with KDE, just not my thing. I love OB and i3

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