AL on pentium MUCH faster than mint on core i5

My main setup is AL on a pentium (lscpu: Pentium® Dual-Core CPU E6600 @ 3.06GHz). My other setup is linux mint on i5. The latter is supposedly much newer, much faster etc.

However, for my workflow, AL is MUCH faster. I am not speaking just noticeably, I mean by factor of 5 or so. In particular, rsync is way faster (from hard drive to same attached USB drive), vim is much faster etc.

I was wondering why that is. Is it because arch is just faster or what? How can AL run so much faster on a previous generation cpu?


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I should also add: before I tried out AL (and stuck w/ it, hey man it’s kinda like a love of mine now), I had tried out various other distros on this old cpu. On some, I literally could not get CNN website to render for quite some time, due to that site being so javascript intensive. On AL, no problems. Sure, there is a lag of about 3-5 seconds before it fully renders, but nothing major.

Sorry, I keep having thoughts I should have put earlier (persistent problem). I was afraid to try AL, since I tried Manjaro multiple times (“one more chance” syndrome) and each time, at some point, it just broke. Usually would start w/ updates and some conflict issue after which the system would not update, would not allow me to install etc. Boy, was I surprised pleasantly that AL does no such things. Solid as a rock. Really amazing!