AL on a MacbookPro10,1

I’m running AL successfully on an ancient MacBookPro. Here are some application and config notes

  1. When given the option, choose grub2 on booting the live ISO and use systemd-boot as the boot manager on install
  2. I booted the image from a ventoy disk and this worked ok
  3. Graphics is Nvidia GeForce GT 650M.
    • nouveau kmod works
    • nvidia 470xx (AUR, as recommended by ArchWiki) does not
  4. Wi-Fi is Broadcom BCM4331
    • on install choose standard kernel which installs the broadcom-wl kmod
    • if you add a kernel (eg zen), replace broadcom-wl with broadcom-wl-dkms
  5. Heat management
    • macfanctld or mbpfan-git (in AUR) are required to control the laptop fans
    • even with this, the case gets very hot
  6. calibre ebook app has some problems
    • ebook-viewer stalls when calling webkit to render an ebook
    • fix this by setting
  7. Default resolution is 2880x1800. This is tiny. Setting the resolution to 1920x1200 is usable (for my old eyes)

I’ve used XFCE4 and LXQT without any problems.


Welcome @jt4201 !!!

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Tried 340 driver?

I use mbpfan. It works fine.

Not a big fan of calibre. Try foliate. It’s simpler.

You could try to change dpi setting and keep the resolution.


Thanks for the tips.

I had to use the live image and arch-chroot to recover after the nvidia-470xx attempt so I’m not in a hurry to try nvidia again. I’ll keep 340 in mind if I decide to try again.

I do use foliate. It is an excellent ebook reader, but it’s library management is a little limited.

I may try mbpfan to see if it does a better job but I suspect that the problem is dust in the case and lack of thermal paste for the CPU.


Thanks for the installation information.
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@jt4201 , Welcome aboard.

In addtion to the above;

Maybe that you have lots of stuff going on in there, never know.

Please post the output from this command from terminal, it might help to pinpoint the issue(s) here;

systemd-analyze blame
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Was it running that hot before installing AL !

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Welcome aboard @jt4201

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It’s always run hot. With the fan controller daemon, it is averaging around 51-58C. Without the fan control, it was in the 80-90 range.

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Hey cool on my end it also runs into the 50s C with some peaks over the 60s here & there when I have too many FF instances on .

Also; make sure that you don t have dust in around the fans & the inlets/outlets.

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with 50 FF tabs open. :joy:


lol, you bad boy ! Wonder how you noticed that !

Always under 20 ! (j/k) Always under 10. Which is too much.I know lol

Welcome to the forum. Thanks for the tips.