Al-hello doesn't exist

I completed the 18.17 install using the openbox wm(twice) but yet there is no al-hello script. the othe al- scripts are there but no hello. is there something I need to do to get it?


We removed AL-Hello as it became redundant due to the updates to the installer. You should have had the options to add the extras as one of the last steps of the installer.

What in particular were you after from AL-Hello?

I was looking for print setup/configuration or do I have to do it manually, ie install cups etc.

Yeah sorry man, manual configuration.

We may look at adding print setup back in, later down the road.

likewise i had to install the obmenu-generator manually even though your docs said in was in the hello menu

Can you link me to where you found this info?

Thanks for that. I need to go through the docs and do a bit of an update. Just haven’t got around to it.