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AL Forum Site Slow or Froozen ( Now OK )

Just had a hard time getting into the forum for a little while, wonder if it had to do with some forum s maintenance or something alike.

Must say that now it s ok on my end.

Edit, internet was working fine, had my yt subs coming in.

This site is more or less sluggish to load for some reason. Not always, but every now and then anyway.

I doesn’t matter to me, but i’ve noticed it.

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Thx for the comeback , taught that I was alone.

Edit: Have these issues here & there.

I have had no issues for months. Let me know if they persist.

Forum has been updated.

Let me know if any issues.

Well , guess that it happened when the forum was updating, make sence now. Thx for that .

Are you in eastern Canada?

Between Manahttan suffering recurring blackouts, and hurricane Barry making it’s way up the Mississippi Valley, there were probably some router issues on the east coast of North America.

Oh, that might be the explanations then , yep I m in Eastern Canada.

Usually we have the end of the hurricanes or such, they re usually at their last strenght.

Looks good after one day or so, might have been also because of the forum s upgrade, don t know.

Bet everything s ok now.