AL and KDE

I want to try out the new KDE desktop. Does anybody know if I can install the kde desktop alongside i3/openbox on AL without issues? Or is it better to test it on an VM?

Normally you can install it alongside i3 and/or openbox. I haven’t had KDE installed in quite a long time though. KDE has it’s own login manager so there might be some conflict with what you’re using now.

Thanks. I guess it will be enough to disable lightdm?

Yes, one of them needs to be disabled. I don’t know if KDE will disable an existing login manager in preference of it’s own duiring install. Disabling lightdm first (may need to reboot) then instaling KDE may be the way to go. Would not surprise me that KDE (Gnome, Mate) need their login manager to fully function.

KDE use’s SDDM as login manager, if you have LightDM installed then there could be a conflict. I would strongly recommend that you try it out on a VM first.

Thanks. I’ll install ArchLabs in a VM to test things out. Although I do have a full system backup, there’s no need for extra restore work. A VM works just as well. Virtualbox runs great on AL.

As it turns out I took the easy way out and replaced ArchLabs with pure Arch. i3 and KDE are both running fine on one machine. On my daily workstation I only installed Arch+i3.