Aha, "your browser is not supported"

Maybe it’s time to move on. :grinning:

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same thing. using Qutebrowser so maybe I just need to wait for qb to update.

I can also serve with that. :grinning:

Here, on a weak ThinkPad x40, I recently switched from lithium to beryllium. The device is only used for email and reading forums.

A very crucial point of the experiment was that the FF-esr must not be above version ~91 under any circumstances. The lower the better.
So I installed FF-esr-78.15. Everything runs smoothly, only the AL forum with ‘Discourse’ makes the problems. Then it is just not used when I’m on the road. I’m out of the age where I thought about a forum software. :stuck_out_tongue:

Qutebrowser probably needs an update, I think the underlying engine is out of date, I came across a Reddit post a while back (which I now can’t find) and TheCompiler who is the Qute dev said that a new version is incoming that should correct this issue.


Yer I have had the same with waterfox in the past.