After updating pacman to 5.2 it breaks archlabs-package-query package

Hi there,
yesterday I updated my repo packages, today I wanted to do the same with aur. But pacli returned to me:

package-query: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I did a little bit of digging around that and I found out that new pacman 5.2 provides and archlabs-package-query points into thus makes it incompatible with new pacman.
It can be fixed by bumping version of archlabs-package-query from current 1.9-3 to 1.10 (

Is package archlabs-package-query going to be updated or should I move to vanilla package-query?

I would also try to update at a later date, maybe the repo s not updated also.

This is from a couple years ago now when we shipped pacli it is currently unmaintained and unsupported.

You’re welcome to continue using it but you won’t get help regarding these issues. Instead you should install archlabs-baph and migrate to it as your aur helper. It’s a tiny bash script written by yours truly that should be able to do what you want.

If you want something more full-fledged, there are many well maintained aur helpers out there; yay being the most popular currently.

Wops, so it means I was quite out of sync with that. Fortunately pacli worked perfectly until yesterday. I’m going to use another aur helper then. Thanks for help