After update windows decoration is missing

after update with pacli, my openbox windows decoration and the title bar is missing in all windows, I’ve change the theme in the openbox setting editor but nothing happens. I’ve press the W+b combination and this happened.

How can I solve?

Yep, i have the same problem here. Dont know how to solve… :unamused: Edit: I disable the Compositing Editor, then the decorations appear, but this cant be a solution.

My “solution” was to reinstall compton(official) and install compton-tryone-git (AUR) and all is good. Window decorations, shadows and stuff appear now again. Original problem is compton i think.

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It may be a conflict between Polybar and Compton, and their configurations? Some background or opacity?

With background and opacity i have no problems. Just with Window decorations and shadows. They doesnt appear with compton.(official). I think there was an compton update today that “broke” it. Btw… I installed compton-tryone-git(AUR) and the problem is solved now.

I take note in case it happens. Thank you @subjunkie !!

I do not have this problem with compton, try the downgrade to see if it’s just the problem.
I have also installed:
to start it

Yes I think the compton official update is the problem too, I will try your solution , thank you.

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I have archlabs-paranoid installed too. Btw… Thank you for the tip to downgrade.

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Downgrade to compton 2.0-2 solved the problem.

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You could ask here, for your problem.

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Strangely enough, just noticed this… Thanks for posting.

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See the last post if it also solves for you

So any solutions yet? Apart from downgrading compton?
On another note, is this common for linux to break things working beforehand with a update?

It s seems to be like this for a little bit sadly.(concerning broken updates of some sorts) . Kind of annoying, sometimes I wait to update before it breaks something somehow.

new upgrade

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That one version s ok @ector !