After installing Nvidia drivers, most functions in top taskbar no longer work

This is an issue regarding Opebox. Some of the functions work like clicking the icons to swap between desktops or clicking the middle window icon to show all current desktops. However clicking the little CPU icon to bring up htop no longer works. Clicking the little rocket icon to open the menu no longer works. Clicking the time to open the small drop-down calendar and also clicking the package to open pacli also doesn’t work any more.

After installing the nvidia drivers I got this issue and also the text on my screen became way too big, but the rest of the windows were sized normally, so it seemed like a bit of a dpi issue. So I ran:

sudo nvidia-xconfig --no-use-edid-dpi

Then rebooted. Now my text is too small haha, and my top taskbar still doesn’t work. If I click around, the only thing that happens is it opens my Network menu, no matter where I click.

Any ideas?

In the meantime I’ll swap to i3-gaps.