After installing linux i am unable to log in my password is correct

When i see this problem i thought somehow i typed wrong password i reset root password at root time init=/bin/bash it work root password changed still i am unable to log in as root then i oped tty2 successful log in with root user then i created new normal user
useradd -m -guser -s /bin/bash newusername

Successfully created but same massa
“sorry that didn’t work. Please try again”
One more thing openbox with gmone something type of Manu pop up during installation. I selected openbox with gnome
Thanks for reading long massage :heart:

What login manager is that?
Many of them have login as root disabled. You would need to manually change the configuration file.

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That’s to run openbox with gnome settings.

Didn’t you have an option for just openbox?


I just install openbox only so I know it works.
Installed the lightdm, terminal, file manager, geany, nano, firefox along with a few other programs. I would still suggest a re-install as this is a new install.

I didn’t install lightdm. Gnome with openbox

Looks like GDM, which will not allow root logins to the desktop. An internet search will provide some suggestions as to how to override that but running a graphical desktop as root is not sensible. Don’t do it.

Leave this matter right here… i was unable to log in thats why i tried… r8 gnome log in cant adjust with openbox

Sorry but I don’t understand. You say that you can’t login to the graphical desktop as root in the first post, are you now saying that you also can’t login as your normal user?

If that is the case then use localectl to check if the keyboard layout is the same in the TTY (console screen) as it is for the graphical desktop. If the keyboard layout is different then you might be entering a different password for each environment.

Both problem the problem was i installed arch Linux with openbox and i select log screen as gnome log in screen… and there is no way to log in for this fault… i change root password,new user but fail… After reinstall fully on gnome fixed