After fresh install, I don't have AUR (twice)

Hi, Labbers… I have problems… Two fresh installations and I can’t get AUR and nothing of the AUR… Other things via Pacman works perfect… What am I doing wrong? Am I missing a special step? I install the TWMs plus Openbox and a few apps… Others talk about Aurman and I don’t know where is it in the procedure? I prefer Yay or Trizen, but I can’t install Pamac… What’s happening? Please, help.

For install yaourt.

But even with yay you can install it

Yaourt no longer maintained afaik
Use baph itself, or install yay or preferred current AUR helper with baph <3

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Yaourt is no longuer supported and should no longuer be recommended :wink:

Just manually clone the yay (or the baph project) and install it locally, you’ll be able to install from the AUR after that.

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I don’t use AUR helpers myself but I would strongly recommend @Alad’s aurutils, he’s a TU and used to help out at the #! forums.

Thx , will have a look @ aurutils.

Thanks Alana…this shell command resolved my problem… …Any other archlab command do I need to know? Where are this commands?..Thanks…

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