After fresh AL installs, my notifications display with really small text. Sometimes it fixes itself, so far it hasn't

Hi there,

The problem looks like this


(The text is extremely small)

One time I started to create a thread here about this issue, my browser crashed LOL :smiley: and right after that I saw the notification in correct text size so I didn’t create a thread that time, what are the chances lol. But the issue is back and it’s causing annoyance again, it happens after every new AL install - if not instantly, then sometimes after a reboot.

However this time it hasn’t “fixed itself” even after multiple reboots / logoffs. Any clues?


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it appears to be dunst, since it looks like you’re using xfce you might wanna remove it.

Yes I am using Xfce4 :slight_smile: but why “since it looks like you’re using xfce you might wanna remove it” ? It has played very well before, but I’m trying to figure out why it sometimes starts displaying small text.

I like my notifications when they actually work, they are helpful xD

Well archlabs installs dunst with a certain config and font settings instead that takes over notifications instead of xfce4-notifyd. It’s up to you if you like dunst or xfce4-notifyd better.

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Thank you for explanation :slight_smile: ! I had no idea there was something like xfce4-notifyd, I think dunst looks nicer though. The notifyd has some weird buttons on the notifications like “Activate”.

However I did remove dunst for this install, at least I can read the notifications now without glasses xD maybe I should just stick to xfce4 stuff while I use this DE

Would dunst work properly if I somehow manage to disable the notifyd ? I might actually find that out the next time I install AL :slight_smile: thank you so much, learned something new again today.

If you’re in XFCE you can take it out of your startup in the XFCE settings. I think you can also edit dunst with the config file, just edit the font size.

Yes, it will. You can set up dunst to run in xfce4. Then as @drummer points out, there is a config file for dunst to set font size, colors, etc …

Should be an ArchWiki page for dunst.



You can also test your dunstrc edit’s with a script just give the script a key.

Script I use… bindsym $mod+j exec --no-startup-id ~/.scripts/dunstesting


pidof dunst && killall dunst
dunst &

notify-send "testing dunst 0
second line test"
#notify-send "testing dunst 1"
#notify-send "testing dunst 2p"