Additions and Plugins to the Forum

As you all may have noticed the forum is looking a little different lately. A fair bit of effort has gone into adding new features, plugins and themes.

Just a bit of a breakdown of whats added

  • Obviously, the look. three new themes. Forum colours are all based on Adwaita and Adwaita-Dark the theme itself is Graceful. Aptly named in my opinion.

  • Table of Contents plugin. For those of you who like to post tutorials and how to’s there is now a handy function added where you can break down your post into sections. This will produce a table of contents to the right of the forum for easy access. Read more about it here and how to use this cool plugin.

  • User Cards. This plugin just gives a more in-depth break down on the forum users. This affects the Users category found under the hamburger icon top right image

  • Likes Column, when viewing the Latest Topics page this adds how many likes a particular thread has received.

  • Social Share, this plugin adds the ability to share you AL forum things ate your favourite social site. If you need a particular site added let me know.
    So far there is, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and an email to option This is found under the chain link icon image

  • Automatic Night mode. Give yourself the ability to swap between light and dark themes at set times of the day. This option is found under the User preferences.

  • Custom Hamburger Links his gives the Admin the ability to add extra links to the Hamburger menu.

Work in progress as this isn’t functioning quite right for the AL forum yet.

  • Featured Threads. This will give the Mods and Admins the ability to feature up to three threads at the top of the home page. Once I have this working I will implement this and the team will be able to add topics as they please.

Well, that’s about it for now. Enjoy and if you strike any issues, please let me know.


Top job again @Dobbie03

Some stuff to tweak here & there.

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Updated the header logo to Adwaita Blue. Hopefully this works across all colour themes.


It’s nice @Dobbie03. Cool features.

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Yep @Dobbie03 , blue logo works on every Theme here.
Trying Dark as of now, like it better with blue theme or whatever that it s called.

Glad to see you @philT

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Thanks mate.

Is been a mental 6 months, hence may largely absent self. Moved country, changed job, now covid 19…

I’ll be back soon more regularly.

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Oh , big changes on your end @philT .

That must be something else.

I’m currently set to Adwita theme.
The new logo is a nice light blue on the home page, and fades to a pale gray in any thread. The pale gray is a bit washed out - but visible - on my end. Is that the same for all, or just a function of hardware that you’ll never really be able to work around?

Edit - looks great on the dark themes; I just switched to adwaita dark PD so the banner is dark.

Yep, also like PD with its dark banner.

I think that might be because the top bar is semi-transparent? If it becomes a pain I will try and see what is causing it.

Not really a pain on my end. Could be hard to see for others though. Just need to boost the contrast a bit, or maybe a touch of blue saturation.

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I don’t use the light theme so I casually tested it. Gonna swap to it for a day or two.

@PackRat and @altman I updated some logo’s. Please let me know if that is better.

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Will check it out.

Edit, like the one on top left ! Unless I haven t noticed it before;

Good across all themes.

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Were the numbers darjer under say Replies,Views etc ! Liked it better that way, easier on my old eyes lol

On DP & Adwaita

All I changed were the logos.

Oh, weird, can these be darkened on the light themes ! If possible.

Can you please take a screenshot and highlight the area you are talking about and post that here?

I ll try, as for highkights, never done it.