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Add a verse from Tao Te Ching: The Book of The Way to your desktop

For those that like a little tao with their day, a conky that randomly outputs a verse from The Book of the Way:

Requires four files:

tao.txt - The Book of the Way translated and reformatted as text - script that pulls a random verse. ; save it somewhere to your path and make it executable

lua_wide.lua - the semitransparant background; this script will adjust the width of the semi-transparent background to match the text so no folding required.

taoconkyrc - the conkyrc


You’re on fire with the Conky @PackRat

It’s raining here, and we’re getting some mundane chores like laundry done before heading to the coast for some salt water fishing.

Nice, at least this is more fun than laundry.

Bob’s your uncle.

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Actually it’s Basil, but close.


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