Acer Nitro 5 or Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E580

Here’s the page I was looking for with all the models without nvidia graphics

This one is something I might go for personally

Depending on if you want faster single core performance or multi-threading, I would actually go this one, despite it only being a dual core, the actual cores are much faster. Really a matter of choice there, the downside is it doesn’t come with an SSD.

I’ll try looking around for some thinkpads, don’t wanna be too biased :smiley:

Lenovo’s website makes my brain hurt :stuck_out_tongue:

Just look at this mess

After seeing that, I would go acer purely because they aren’t trying to upsell me on more crap, (mcafee, windows upgrades, adobe software… no thanks)

I really appriciate that you take some time to point me in a good direction. It’s noot ften that I buy a new laptop and I want to use the next one in the coming years and also have some speed. Thanks again. At the moment I’m using an older toshiba, but my former Acer also worked flawlessly.

Not having an SSD is not a problem since I have two 250G samsung SSD drives in my current laptop. Two cores is not much though, if I run a VM. One core for the VM is not much, is it? The price of this A515-51-75UY is very attractive though and it would be a giant step up from my old i3 quad core :wink: I’ve bookmarked both of these boxes. If you find something nicer, please let me know.

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The i7 dual cores in laptops are pretty decent for the price, 2 core 4 threads at 7th gen 2.7Ghz speeds is not bad at all.

Just doing a bit of looking around at the specs and real user benchmarks can give a good idea of how the two compare

What I consider a trustworthy site for benchmarks and stats of computer hardware, show the newer i5 is about 15% faster overall.

I’d say go for the newer i5, 4 cores 8 threads with a good turbo speed you’ll be happy with it. You can also see in that site that the single core performance difference is negligible at best while the multi-threaded side is obviously in favour of the one with double the threads

Personally I `d go for the Thinkpad. Great Linux compatibility, never have had issues in that department. Long lasting workhorses. But then I am biased since I am already convinced and own several. Take your time, hope you will be satisfied with whatever you land on.

Yeah. It sure looks like a nice machine. The other options I’ve gotten in this threath are also good. It will be a tough decision. I’ll lower the memory to 16G. It seems enough. I’ll take my time :wink:

Be careful with Lenovo, they have a hardware whitelist in the firmware so you can’t change things like the wireless card.

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Well , well , not surprised, not the only one sadly right !

Thx for that link.

Very informative. Thanks for the link. No Lenovo for me. Maybe I should just buy a System76 or Tuxedo system. The latter builds really nice linux laptops for an affordable price. Shipping and taxes makes System76 quite expensive. I live in the Czech Republic. Tuxedo is located in Germany. Shipping costs are just 15 euros. No taxes, since both countries are EU members :wink:

I went for a TUXEDO laptop. Considering the specs and the fact that I don’t have to pay taxes, I could order some higher quality.

1.309,00 EUR
incl. 19 % Tax excl. Shipping costs 15 EUR
(that’s about the same as the Acer Nitro, including taxes)

Full-HD (1920 x 1080) IPS-Panel matt
32 GB (2x 16GB) 2666Mhz Samsung
Intel Core i7-8750H (6x 2.20-4.10 GHz Six-Core, 8 Threads, 9 MB Cache, 45 W TDP)
500 GB Samsung 970 EVO (M.2 NVMe)
Intel HD 630 Graphics
ENGLISH US (EN-US international) with backlit with TUX super-key
Intel Dual AC 8265 & Bluetooth (M.2 2230)
TUXEDO Budgie 18.04 LTS 64Bit (recommended)
24 months / 2 years warranty

I’ll let you know how this laptop performs. My expectations are high. I will bootup in Tuxedo Budgie (a fork of Ubuntu 18.04) but one of the first things I’ll do is replace it with ArchLabs. The thing should run fine with Arch. Installscripts for special issues are available on the vendors site.


Looks like a nice laptop there @wammes . Congrats.

Looks great, have fun!

Those are some solid specs man glad you found something nice :smiley:

32G is a bit overkill but I guess this way you are future proof :smiley:
Let us know when you get it!

Cool! Please post your systemd startup times if you’ll run archlabs.