Accuracy of your IP address location?


Since the recent social media security scandals & all the discussion here, thought I’d ask how accurately your IP matches your actual location (no personal info need be released).

We’ve had the same provider for the last four years and location services based upon our IP have consistently been way off… Like over 100 miles. People in our area with whom I speak with and use the same provider, report the same.

#2 shows me adverts that it purports to be from attractive young ladies in my exact location so I’m guessing mine works pretty well :smiley:

I do purposely enable geolocation though because it simplifies things when I want to shop for stuff (the prices are all in dollars otherwise).


Same experience here. It never seems to be “close”. Good thing I would never need to walk that distance, lol



Yeah and thankfully, many sites allow you to adjust by way of your zip code here in the US or we would never get accurate weather info. Many retailers do that too.


@chris60601 That’s interesting. Thought our IP was some kind of aberration but I guess this happens a lot :slight_smile:


It’s accurate for me, until I use a VPN connection. Then I could be anywhere. :grin:


Well, I didn’t want to say anything… :joy:

We’ve been considering a VPN. I’m certain if the dark powers-that-be wanted to find me, this funny IP/location thing wouldn’t matter.


The government has veys to find you, if it wants to. If you choose a VPN service, make sure it’s one that doesn’t keep records of connection or sites you visit. The government can only spy on you IF it has a record of your original IP address.
Besides, you can’t be scattered brains if you you only have two brain cells, and are absent most of the time! :rofl:


I’ve nothing to hide but just the thought of not being able to manage our own privacy, is really disturbing. :unamused:


I know what you mean :smirk:. Now days the government has too many tools to spy on people. Just the fact that they can spy on people is creepy enough. What ever happened to your home is your castle? But privacy of the home is sacred and yet, it’s being violated. You don’t have to make easier for them to invade your privacy on the Internet or home. I guess the powers that be thinks they can do anything to there citizens. It used to be them working for you, not the other way around. I consider privacy is the right that’s God given and should not be violated by anyone. Any way, do your research and make sure they don’t keep records and if possible, have their company outside of the United States.


Yeppers :slight_smile:

Front runners @ the moment are either Proton or Nord. We’ll see.


Here’s a good place to check for a list of VPN services to check out:


I personally use Nord. It’s easy to use with hundreds of servers all over the world. And it doesn’t keep logs and is based outside of the United States.


This is why I use Nord, in case you’re interested,

Nord VPN review

Proton looks decent, but does it support Linux based devices? And I see they are working on making it possible to use on a iOS device. Nord works on virtually any main OS out there. I’m not trying to spam, but I do use this service and found no issues with this service.


Yes, very interested and thanks Guy for the kind advise :grin: I’ll have a look-see at those links and have heard good things about Nord.

Proton is offered Linux specific as well. I’ve used their email services for a while now and can’t complain but Nord does appear easier to set up.


Okay, didn’t see it mentioned. But I am interested in their Email service. How do you sign up for it? Is it free or is there a fee?


Proton has both free webmail and paid (more storage). I love it.


I didn’t know they had a VPN now as well. Hmm.

I do have a Proton email account, but I wasn’t crazy about double password thing they set up. I understand the idea behind it, but it’s like the price/IP location idea mentioned in this thread. I want to have private, encrypted email, but 98% of the people I am in contact with cannot be bothered.




I have been using PIA for a while now, it is based in the USA but I try my best to support US companies and manufacturers. It’s good to encrypt your shopping and banking data. I notice a slight increase in ping when gaming, but not enough to really make a difference. I mostly get thumped around by 12 year olds anyway when I game. :slight_smile:

O and it installs nicely on arch machines and android phones, nice systray applet.