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A category for basic help with the dk window manager.

Please post your basic help questions here, rather than clogging up the main thread.


Good idea @Dobbie03

I have this thing about keeping the forum tidy and solutions to questions easy to find, hopefully this assists somewhat.

Hope so @Dobbie03

How come this thread doesn t appear on the main threads forum!

I mean like this page;


Wow - Just as I was working my way through both Xmonad and Qtile (neither of wich I was impressed enough to move away from i3), I see this :slight_smile:

Some thing I need to work with and understand for dual monitor, but so far Nate, I dig this!!!

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This thread doesn’t appear as it is basically a quick summary of the Category rather than a stand alone thread.

Oh, thx for the explanation @Dobbie03

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Okay… loose nut on the keyboard here. I am happy to help break this. I have installed it on my MX Linux Debian laptop. It runs. Yay. Now for some questions:

  • Are there any guides, help, docs regarding how this ‘ought to be setup’? :books:
  • @natemaia do you have ‘specific’ things you want stress tested? :test_tube:
  • Or… is chimpanzee testing adequate? :monkey_face:

Aside from having it execute (and use sxhkd) I can additionally say it seems to have about the same memory footprint as dwm (on my platform). But what I’d love to find is that this improves on dwm. :smile: I’ll help anyway I am able.

Hey, happy to answer.

  1. Yes… kinda, the example rc files contain basic usage for most of the commands, many of them just set the already compiled in defaults. Ideally you won’t need anything in your dkrc other than window rules because the defaults work for you (a person, not you specifically). There’s also a fairly extensive manpage and README that give descriptions and some usage of commands. There’s also some scripts included either installed in /usr/share/doc/dk, /usr/local/shar/doc/dk, or in the repo doc/

  2. General usage testing should be fine, issue’s will crop up as people who have different needs use it and find them, no sense testing something no one is using it should just be removed instead.

Regarding memory footprint it will vary depending on how you use the wm, same with dwm. I’ll do some checks tonight if I get around to it.

I can say that it does definitely improve on dwm, it uses xcb which is generally considered lower level and more efficient than xlib (if well written), various issues most people have with dwm have been fixed/added/removed, it’s more extensible through rules/callbacks/scripting, it adheres to the specs more so other programs can better integrate, better mouse and floating support, and it has a lot more features. These may not all be considered to be improvements by everyone, the code size has been significantly increased and more complexity added as a result. I’ve tried to maintain code quality but it’s not great in many cases and I continue to improve in this regard.

I doubt the speed of executing certain routines is as fast as dwm because dk first needs to parse the command, this shouldn’t be an issue due to the speed of modern systems the loss is imperceptible. These are just some of the prices to pay for live configuration and control vs dwm’s compiled in style.

This is not to say dk is slow, speed and efficiency are at the highest priority and I’ve spent a great amount of time and energy to do my best in this aspect.

At any rate cheers for checking it out, looking forward to feedback.

Ok regarding memory usage here it is

 Private  +   Shared  =  RAM used       Program
600.0 KiB + 916.0 KiB =   1.5 MiB       dk
108.0 KiB + 158.0 KiB = 266.0 KiB       dkcmd 
392.0 KiB + 496.0 KiB = 888.0 KiB       sxhkd
  1.6 MiB +   3.7 MiB =   5.3 MiB       lemonbar
  1.2 MiB +   3.3 MiB =   4.5 MiB       dwm (stock)
  1.2 MiB +   3.4 MiB =   4.6 MiB       dwm (patched)

So yea once you use a bar the memory usage goes way up but the wm itself is quite efficient as is sxhkd.

I’m going to lock this thread. The point of this thread is to be used as a ‘summary’ for the category. Please open a new thread for any questions or help requests.

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