A window manager installation

Is it possible and how ( any scripts ? ) is it achieved to install a window manager on an installed ArchLabs installation ? e.g I have openbox already installed and now I want to install i3 as well alongside openbox . How will I get i3 installed in this case as exactly as it is done with the ArchLabs installer so that I get all the ArchLabs configuration for i3 instead of a barebones i3 installation ?

I think this should do it:

sudo pacman -S i3-gaps archlabs-skel-i3-gaps
cp -r /etc/skel/.config/i3{,status} ~/.config



Thanks , these two commands did bring ArchLabs looks of i3 but lots of keybindings are not working as expected . I am just wondering if I boot from ArchLabs iso usb is it somehow possible to install i3 through the installer on this particular installation ?

Which keybindings? Check ~/.config/i3-gaps/config for the full configuratiion, you can add any that are missing or incorrect.

Upstream documentation here:

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