A very serious problem that disabled me from logging to my system and one other minor problem

I was at gnome settings and tried to change the full name of my user (active user)
to my full greek name ,the result was to not be able to login with my username and lightdm could not find any users named chris.
I booted in single user mode and edited the /etc/passwd file and deleted the full name (greek).
Now i have no problems at all.
Also i discovered that with zsh installed i couldn’t login as root.
Now i switched to bash.

Hi,if you change your username, you must also change it in ligthdm, because login does not find the correct user.
For the rest, the more expert ones.
But I suggest you start with the arch wiki for root

I changed the full name of the user and not the username

Can you explain the difference between user and username?
You know I’m ignorant.

Guess that it might give you a hand @ector

Thank @altman :rofl::rofl::rofl:

username is the account that you typically login to Unix/Linux with.
display name is how the user would display in the GUI, usually first name last name.
log-in name is the same thing as username.
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lol .No problem my friend @ector .

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I would say from here:

I am so happy that i found ArchLabs its a distrohopper’s cure !

lol, wonder when I m gonna stop distro-hoping, pretty much settled lately tho.

If you want to stop distro-hopping install archlabs there’s no reason looking for another linux distro anymore.

lol, you bet. Pretty much on AL & BL for a little while now.