A Self Revelation ... I Think

After many years of being a Star Wars fan, probably 30 or so. 25 of those as hardcore, I realised while watching The Empire Strikes back, I don’t really like Star Wars.

I don’t know what changed it for me, but it was quite a “profound” revelation.


So… Star Trek ftw! :grin:


Wonder what happenend ! lol

Never been a fan per see, but watched some Star Wars films. The 1st ones I guess.

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LOL, flooded by sequels, prequels and stuff, I felt overwhelmed, too. Haven’t even seen “The Rise of Skywalker” yet.


may be the last episode and you keep nostalgy for the first episode 4,5 and 6.
My favorite :wink:

I tried to watched the first one and just never did it for me. I couldn’t finish it. I was never a fan. It’s not my type of genre. I do like Spaceballs LOL

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I’m lost for words.

I was never a big fan too, but i think we could all agree that their hair styles were very cool though…And Chewbacca deserves a special mention on that for sure lol


I’m sorry to let you down man. I do like the newer movies regardless of them being regarded as re-hash of the old movies. I just can’t watch them anymore, I had to turn it off the other night.

I know what it was!!! You calculated that if each movie averaged 2 hours, so that’s 18 hours of your life that you could have been spending writing BASIC programs for the C/64 :wink:


You’ve been spying on me haven’t you? I freaking knew it!

Nah man, I just realised that I have been ignoring the fact for many years that I have just got over Star Wars.


However, you also revealed something concerning me. How could I call myself a fan, having no single SW gadget at home all my life? Actually all I have are figurines of Penguins of Madagascar - and yes, it’s my favourite cartoon (not the cinema movie).

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A question for the ages.