A quick question from Mr Dumbass

At work we have a ntfs formated backup disk and today a collegue couldnt access it. I thought I would give it a try but after trying and reading for a couple of hours I understood that I need Windows for this. Many years ago since I made an install medium for Windows and I first time to do it on Linux! I tried the command way and could not get that to work. Tried with vfat ntfs and dos and gpt. Nothing worked and I was using woeusb as a tool for this. Read quite alot about it and there is numerous post on failures here.

My BIG failure here was that i managed to erase my boot partiton!! Call me Mr Dumbass!
Is there a way to restore my system or do I have to reinstall?

womp (Mr Dumbass)

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Is this for windows or your linux ?

I’m not sure if you’re trying to get your boot partition for windows or linux or both, but maybe this post will help:

Dual boot partition install

Hi and thank you very much for answering!

I see now that I was a bit unclear in my post. I have been Windows-fred for about 5 years but came to the conclusion that I actually ned Windows to be able to try to fix backup disk from work.
I erased my boot partition on Archlabs in my attempts to create a Windows 7 install-USB.
I wonder If there is a trick to rektorer or rebuild the bootpartition!?


Not sure this is possible, although some people might have face the situation in the past. Did internet give you anything ?

I would suggest a clean install, would be simpler, but you’ll loose your previous config if not backed up. You might want to install on an other partition, to then recovers the file from your current installation.

@womp, the following may help you:

EFI partition
But as @gazeka74 said, it maybe easier to re-install or another partition install archlabs then copy your old files into the new location. And I would suggest copying the new boot partition on a thumbdrive or another hdd /ssd for such a situation as to what occurred to you in this instance. Also, use a backup program such as timeshift as an precaution.

HI again!

You are probably right. A new clean installation. Not such a big deal in Archlabs! I have important “stuff” on a backup stick.
Thanks Guys for good advice!!



To restore your /boot partition reinstall the kernel & bootloader.

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