A Pint for Dobbie

Today is a good day.

I’ll leave it at that!!

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Is n t it his fav by any chance !

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Not sure, but it’s my favorite.


lol, the rare times that I had one it was a good beer !

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@Dobbie03 is quite partial to Guinness.


Great day for our friends. Accountability …

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Today is a great day indeed.

It’s been a shit week but this has made it better.

I am drinking Guinness right now in fact. Yes, in celebration.

But in respect of the forum rules I would prefer we continue the discussion on Guinness rather than that other thing that has abandoned ship before the people come for it.

Is your Guinness cold? Mine is, it’s also delicious.



Celebrate & enjoy your cold one my friend.

… those forum rules again. :wink:

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