A pdf viewer which just works?

What do you use to quickly view a pdf file and print it out? I’m on Foxit Reader right now, but it drives me mad. Whatever else I try, turns out to be even worse.

xpdf, like it, part of XFCE I think.

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Also Evince, works pretty good on BL.

I just use mupdf


Thx @Dobbie03 , never heard of this one, learn something new everyday right !

Does mupdf work in the terminal by any chance!

I use zathura; pretty good once you learn some basic key binds.

If you just need to read and print a pdf now and again xpdf is good. The default colors are ugly, but you can make it look decent with settings in .Xresources.


It s the keybinds part that I don t like much @PackRat lol

But a good one.

mupdf seems to be as easy to use for printing, as surf for browsing the web :rofl: Not my cup of tea. Evince is great, but I don’t like all the gnome dependencies. Xpdf works, but looks ugly as hell. Zathura: I’m not going to memorize key bindings to just open and print a file. No easy choice.

Xpdf seems the lesser evil.

Never tried. Not sure sorry man.

ah, it s alright @Dobbie03 .

I would like to know what is a good choice for editing PDFs Especially the PDFs that are forms.
I don’t recall the Russian one out there - it works great but then to unlock all features and I think remove the watermark, ya need to pay up.

Printing is actually the easy one; like vim, type a semi-colon to bring up the command dialog then type “print”. The gtk print dialog starts up. Files can be opened from the file manager. It’s the page navigation and zoom features etc …

If you’re just reading and printing, pretty simple.

There are also qpdfview (a bunch of qt5 dependencies, I think) and atril (mate’s pdf viewer).

The repos may have evince-gtk; that’s more of a stand alone without all the gnome, as I recall.

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Say no more :slight_smile:

I see no such package, but there’s evince-no-gnome in AUR. Thanks for the tip!

[edit] Seems to work well. Thanks again.

I generally use qpdfview…

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I use zathura.
To print some pdf:

: print

Thats all. Keep the good things simple.


In 21st century people expect GUI, and so do I. I’m a GTK fan, and expressed it many times. :slight_smile:

@nwg Im not a person who lives in the past, but hey… to each his own.
I know that you are a gtk fan and thats OK. With no word i said the opposite.
Im not against guis per se, but i dont like the most. :laughing:
Hey… i use pcmanfm sometimes…

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Yep , to each his own, well said.

Also prefere GUI as I m an old fart. lol

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@altman This have nothing to do with “oldfart”. Some like guis some like them not. Thats all. (For me) And you are a very friendly “oldfart”.
Hope your farts dont smell old. Bad joke in bad english. :upside_down_face:

lol, bad bad boy. Good one in there @subjunkie

It s an expression more than anything else.

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